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Back at work at Tescos and I hate it

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Juiicy2013 Wed 30-Oct-13 15:09:42

This is very long I apologise but I must explain it all! I am now the proud mum of a beautiful healthy little boy. I have worked for Tescos since I left school, it was easier for whilst I was studying. I have ALWAYS helped tesco and my dept out always worked overtime when needed, finished on time only twice in the past 2 years, been unpaid for the rest of the time I put in or the extra hour I stayed to help my manager and colleagues out. When I was pregnant I worked right up until I was almost 8 months, I worked 7 day weeks 10-11 hour shifts each day- I am a checkout supervisor, so a lot of running about!- I used to work til midnight then back in at 6am the next mornin. I never complained once, was occasionally given a thank you by my manager for helping out. I then had to leave just before my maternity leave started as had gallstones and needed my gallbladder removed, (obv operation after I had baby) and was told to rest by the hospital. Whilst on maternity leave my partner and baby's dad lost his job so we had to use our house deposit money to buy stuff for baby and pay our bills. We wasn't eligible for a council property because I worked- I've only ever been contracted part time 22.5 hours a week- we wasn't eligible for a flat/house and was told by 3 different council members from 2 different council districts to give up my job sign on benefits and I'd get given a council house straight away, I'm too proud to do that so after waiting months months was offered a housing association house an hours drive away from my town in a tiny little remote village, it was in a complete state. But we took it anyway as my other half still was unable to find any work and we were both being forced out by our current situations living with our parents. It's a lovely house now and I love where I live, however I have an hours journey to and from work, I have to drive past 4 different other Tescos just to get to mine. My partner is now working about a 20 minute bus journey away from our home. (His driving test is next month!smile I put in a transfer request at work back in August this year and was refused because every Tescos is looking at their hours and not taking any transfer requests until they are done which can take up to 4 months to do so! I have also been refused to have my working hours changed, and now I'm still working 3 days a week but constantly doing the worst shift, 1-10pm. I'm unable to put my child into a nursery as they are open 7-7 where I live and my partners bus is always either been cancelled or running an hour late so there's no guaranteeing one of us will be back for 7pm to collect my child, so they have refused to take him. I literally have my best friend who has one child and another on the way who has my little boy every Friday for me, my partners mum helps out on a Saturday when she can and I'm screwed finding cover on a Thursday, so I have had to not 'fulfill' my contract and have phoned in with childcare issues for 3 Thursdays since I've been back since 29th August. 2 of these I have managed to make the time up for. I can't believe how I've bent over backwards for my manager and my dept and they won't even consider changing my hours or letting me drop a day!!! I'm sick of my manager bitching at me over the phone and instore about how unreliable I am and I have to come in to work regardless. I literally have no one I can turn too. I can't put my baby in a nursery where I work, as when I have to do a 1-10 shift which is normally now 3 days a week :/ I have no one to pick him up from nursery and take him home. It's a joke. I am looking for a new job, but have been told I am too overqualified which is why I haven't been accepted for jobs- I've applied for everything from cleaning, care work mcds, working in other shops as a g.a - I am due into work tomorrow, and as usual been through my whole phone book and have no childcare, I know I am due a meeting as I'm over my 3% absence level don't know how as only had 1 day off unpaid! I'm also owed 17 days holiday I have asked for these but have been told by my manager she will pay me instead come April next year as she doesn't have the time or staff for me to take holiday. I'm sick of being bitched about by everyone, I don't want to NOT work as i wouldn't be entitled to any benefits and we couldn't afford to live off my partners wages, but this is a joke please I need some help and encouraging words as
I feel like telling her to shove her job!!!!!!

quoteunquote Wed 30-Oct-13 15:42:42

I couldn't just read and run, what a stressful situation,

You work for unappreciative idiots, and I hope they don't see this thread.

I hope you find an employer who value your skills and work ethic.

Aquariusgirl86 Thu 31-Oct-13 14:50:47

Have you put in a formal flexible working request? They are hard for your employer to say no to and if you appeal you'll almost certainly get it. I've had two of them granted and I work for a very large company much like yours.

AtticusMcPlatypus Fri 15-Nov-13 08:33:33

Are you a union member? If so, approach a rep for advice as they should have some leaflets/advice on flexible working and work for parents and carers. I work for Mr T and I completely understand where you are coming from - some managers are completely inflexible but it shouldn't really be that way. Ask your PM to have a look at the relevant section in 'Policies for our People' which should contain the information in how to manage these types of situations. Be warned though - they don't like you to see this but you are perfectly entitled to so you might have to be persistent in order to have a read. If you are not a union member, I strongly suggest you join as they will provide all sorts of support and guidance with your situation and can help to mediate between you and your manager. As a previous poster has pointed out, a request for flexible working can rarely be refused if presented in the right way.

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