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Any new mums started new jobs after returning to work?

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Gonewiththewindfaboulous Fri 25-Oct-13 12:12:06

Any experiences to share. How did this work out for you? How do you deal with the changes? I've just gone back to work part time after maternity. Let's just say I'm comfortable with my employers and I didn't have a need to move I'd be quite happy there for another few years and at the moment the job is not too demanding. Before falling pregnant I was away looking for a new opportunity to progress my career just waiting for the right one. About to go on a second interview for a great role in a great company I have always wanted to work for. I think I have a strong chance in getting the job based on the outcome of the first interview. But scared to make the move, I keep thinking I won't be able to handle it, what if I don't pass probationary period, the grass may not be greener etc. Just want to hear from those who have success stories to encourage me to be positive. Or any tips to help me deal with challenges in a new workplace or at home.

Gonewiththewindfaboulous Fri 25-Oct-13 12:13:01

Sorry about paragraphs and typos.

cluelessmother Fri 08-Nov-13 13:43:34

I'm also wondering about this. I'm starting a new job next week, full time. Both excited and scared!

Queazy Fri 08-Nov-13 17:18:01

Go for it! How exciting smile I'm going for an interview next week and really not sure if I should make a move myself. I do think we've got to think long-term though and I'm trying to convince myself that being out of my depth and extra tired for a few months will be worth it for the long term benefits and job satisfaction. Good luck and let us know the outcome x

jimijack Fri 08-Nov-13 17:23:43

Hi there.
I'm about to do this.
I have an interview next week for a completely new role.
I've been in my current job for 22 years. I've got to the top of my field but the hour's of work are just not compatible with young children so it's time to change.

Scary but necessary.

snowbearbaby Sat 09-Nov-13 08:38:35

Ooh interesting thread. I'm 30 weeks pregnant and due to interview for a more senior role in current office in a couple of weeks. I feel like I'm mad doing so but do not want to miss this opportunity that I've been waiting for. I know i would regret it if i didn't go for it, but who knows how i'll feel in a year's time when i'm due to come back to work! I also feel quite strange about going to an interview when is obvious I won't be able to start straight away (employers nightmare!?). Intetested to hear how mums adapt to a new role after being off on mat leave. X

Kt1991 Sat 09-Nov-13 08:48:23

I got made redundant when I was still on maternity leave, was about 2 months before I was due back to work, so I literally applied for loads of jobs, thankfully the perfect one came up with a start date just a week after I was meant to go back to the other job. In a way, I think I would of felt more comfortable starting at this new job, as would of had a lot of catching up and reminding of what to do in my other job! I won’t lie I was very nervous and a bit upset the night before, which I’m sure everyone is/will be when they leave their baby for a longer period of time! But once we got into a good routine everything worked out fine. Good luck to you all smile

Gonewiththewindfaboulous Mon 18-Nov-13 09:41:02

So I just had the 3rd and final interview and am waiting feedback as to whether I got it. Soo nervous and am in two minds. Shall I stay where I am where my current workplace has great flexibility options and where I'm still getting used to working part time. Or do I take the plunge and after two years of looking and getting this far in the process, start a great job which will enhance my career to a new level. The company is equally as great, one of the big four and equally as flexible in terms of working mothers. I will definitely have to sacrifice in the beginning in terms of working harder to prove myself, also will have to pay back part of my maternity package, but as I will hopefully get an increase this will offset any short term dues. DH is now beginning to question the operational side of things in terms of childcare i.e who will pick up and drop off. Making me question is this a good move after all? Any mothers who've done it all in terms of working your job and taking care of family. I know it will be hard but just want to know whether it's possible!

SpeckyB Wed 20-Nov-13 19:29:21

I'm in a completely new role, in the same company but the company is so large it feels like a totally new job. I worked full time prior to going on maternity leave so it's all a big change as I now work 3 days.

- my new boss could not be more supportive of my part time status. He tries to fit meetings around the days I work & tells me off for working on my days off. This is a professional role so I am pleasantly surprised.

- the challenge of doing something new seems to have kicked my brain back into gear. I hardly knew my name whilst on maternity leave.

- I've got the childcare to work by paying someone to pick up my child from nursery & drop her home. It saves the time it would take me to get her and makes my commute less stressful.

Things to consider:

Learning a new job takes time and it's harder when you're part time. I am working more than I would like right now and can see that would get better.

This has a knock on effect at home, making everything more hectic!

Good luck - It's still too early for me to say I've made this work, but I'm getting there...

Blusmurfette Wed 04-Dec-13 13:36:47

How did you get on? What did you decide? I'm in a similar situation, be fascinated to hear your thoughts on how you think you got on.

Gonewiththewindfaboulous Wed 04-Dec-13 16:35:05

Got the job!!! Handed my notice in today.

Decided to take it as the offer was too good to turn down. Financially better off to support my family with great career prospects in tow.

DH and I have discussed in depth about the options and he is fully behind me and we will work together as a team to make things work. If I need to go I early he'll drop DC off to nursery and pick them up. I will do the same for him when he needs to leave early or come back late.

The company supports flexible working etc so I feel happier making this choice. Able to start early/leave early, WFH etc. Plus we found a lovely nursery for twins and they love it! So I also feel assured on that side of things too.

I just think sometimes you have to graft for a while for the longer term good and if thats what I have to do, I'll do it. I've had twins so If I can do that, I can do this.

Thanks SpeckyB for advice!

Let me know how you all have got on and what you decided.

PumpkinPie2013 Sun 22-Dec-13 10:31:22

Well done Gone hope you enjoy your new role smile

I'm glad I saw this thread as I'm on maternity leave at the moment and also considering trying to get a new job for when my leave ends as I don't feel my current role is for me anymore.

It's been good to read about other people's experiences and see that it can work.

Gonewiththewindfaboulous Sun 22-Dec-13 20:19:35

Thanks Pumpkin. I hope so too! My advice is go for it, you have nothing to lose.

It's all worked out quite well, after fretting about paying maternity package back. I was told by HR there was no clawback-silly me misread the policy. This would have only applied to Senior Directors who get a much bigger enhanced package so make sense.

Also they kindly said they will continue to pay my back to work bonus as I work out my notice period. Normally this would have been stopped. This will nicely help with my first month of extra travel and childcare fees when I start my new role.

This just made me realise that I currently work for a great company!

BTW I'm transitioning from a part time to full time role. I start next year so I'll keep this thread updated on my experience in the hope it can be helpful to others in this position.

PamsDaughter Mon 23-Dec-13 22:15:42

I just went off on maternity leave and a week ago got called by a headhunter. I explained the situation and he said not to worry as it could fit in with hiring timelines anyway. The job spec was perfect for me so I've applied with the prospect of a first interview in March. By the time decisions are made and my 3 month notice period is up I would be planning to return to work anyway. Glad to hear that this can work out and I'm not the only one crazy enough to consider it!

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