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Canthaveitall Sun 29-Sep-13 08:27:48

Would I be crazy to think I could be a scenes of crime officer? I have seen a training post and its something I have always been interested in. Shifts are between 8 and 8 during the day. But does anyone know if you would often stay later? What's it really like?

PottyLotty Mon 30-Sep-13 11:41:31

My friend is a Soco officer. She often works very late with very little notice. Shes lucky that her parents are retired and they frequently pick up her daughter from school. Her start times are usually fixed but you have to be flexible on your finish time. She also works weekends and bank holidays. Sometimes its planned but there have been occasions where ive looked after her daughter because she gets called out last minute.

Training posts are usually fairly regular with the hours worked because of the study thats done along side.

Its a very interesting job but its not all like CSI investigating murders etc Some of it is very basic fingerprinting scenes, measuring distances between fluff and glass/stones/dust taking photos. She loves her job and although she has taken a huge paycut to keep her job she wouldnt give it up for anything.

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