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Returning to work full time, but for part of the year only - will this work?

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EagleRay Tue 10-Sep-13 22:35:07

I'm self employed (I do IT contract work) and am currently on maternity leave with a 7mo. I had hoped to return to work for longstanding client on a part time basis fairly soon (felt reasonably confident about negotiating a 3/4 day week based on my skills and reputation) but this is now looking very unlikely as client no longer hiring people who do my role.

So, now it looks like I will have to look elsewhere for work, and with it being a very competitive market I'm pretty certain I will have to be available for 5 days per week. Hopefully I'll find work by Christmas at the very latest, and plan to start DD in nursery soon (short session at first, increasing if/when I find work), plus have found a childminder who could take her for a couple of days as well (so care would be split between CM and nursery).

This isn't ideal, but I have to start earning again soon, and also need to keep a foothold in the workplace! I'm hoping that if I could find a 6 month contract that I could take a break of a few months afterwards, then find another role for a few more months (I could probably manage financially working half the year).

What I'm wondering is if anyone else out there who does stop/start working like this? I have no idea at the moment how easy it is to establish childcare, then stop it for a few months then resume it again. Also, what effect could it have on DD in terms of routine, continuity etc? I want to spend every day with her, but I have to work too, and this seems to be the only potential solution.

Sorry for long explanation - hoping someone out there can share their experiences smile

ModeratelyObvious Wed 11-Sep-13 20:23:04

I think it will be hard to stop and start childcare reliably unless you are prepared to pay for it throughout.

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