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Help! Flexible working request...

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2blessed Mon 09-Sep-13 11:06:46

Getting ready to return to work following maternity leave and I have to submit a request for them to consider me working flexibly. I would ideally like to wfh 2 days a week. My role is very administrative, very few meetings and definitely not with any external stakeholders.
Anyone have any ideas? My mind is currently mush (must get it together).

WillYouDoTheFandango Mon 09-Sep-13 13:31:57

Hi 2blessed. I've asked to be allowed to do this and have had it approved. What do you need to know?

Barbeasty Mon 09-Sep-13 15:55:57

I found a good place to start was with the list of reasons they can legally use to refuse and work back from there with solutions.

Maybe have a list of 2 days worth of your weekly duties which could easily be covered from home (with reasons why you'll be less distracted and more productive). Then show that meetings are/ can be on a regular day and could be done in no more than 1 or 2 days.

If you know of anyone else who does something similar, or who has days they don't work, which is working well then be ready to use them as an example. Or ask them what they put.

Think of contingency. What if a meeting could only be held one Wednesday, when you are meant to be working from home. How would you cover a one off- could you swap a day given enough notice? Could someone stand in?

2blessed Tue 10-Sep-13 03:37:57

Thanks ladies! Things to consider... I could be flexible. I just think wfh would allow the business to get the best and most focused me. I think the risk to the organization is relatively small.

Rockchick1984 Tue 10-Sep-13 08:08:23

Make sure to mention that your little one will still be in childcare on your homeworking days - a lot of companies are put off the idea because some parents presume they won't need to pay for childcare and can have the baby with them!

blueshoes Tue 10-Sep-13 08:48:43

Yes, definitely mention the childcare.

How does working from home get the "best and most focused" you? Will/Can you re-arrange your tasks over the week to work on things that are best uninterrupted from home during your WFH days. How will you cover meetings that can only be arranged on your WFH days. Can you swap? How much notice will you need. Can you do conference calls / video conf from home instead? Are they effective?

I assume your company has remote working technology/blackberries. Do you have a home office and all the things you need at home to do your job effectively e.g. printer.

Check whether there has been a WFH precedent in your company doing your role. Ask them whether it has worked and get tips from them.

You might also want to think about which days. Fri are popular provided work is indeed slower on Fri. But others prefer to do a mid-week Wed. If you can be flexi about which days, that will help. Bear in mind the bank holidays fall on Mon so if you choose that as your WFH day, you will lose it or alternatively negotiate it so it swaps to Tues. The latter does not put your application in a great light so best to avoid Mon if you mind losing a WFH day.

2blessed Tue 10-Sep-13 19:31:38

Oooh thanks!

I have the facilities at home to work e.g laptop, printer. All I would require is a business mobile.

There is definitely a precedent for working from home within the organisation. I know that others have been approved without going through the formal process, their manager has just agreed it.

I would like tio choose 2 days - maybe a Friday and don't know about the other as yet. I would be open to coming in if my presence was required so that demonstrates my flexibility.

Childcare is full time and local to me.

More focused me? This sounds quite weak I know.

The difficulty is that i'm going back to a new role which I have only covered for 5 weeks last year. The role is very structures and works to strict timescales. If I was going to the role I was in before ML I know in myself wfh would be a hard sell and hard to do. This role is very administrative with very few meetings. However, the organisation has changed since I have been on ML.

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