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What is your proudest achievement to date? Application question.

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trickydickie Fri 06-Sep-13 10:31:56

Please help, I have been asked this on an application form I am doing. Do I choose something in my life that I have had to work hard to overcome, how I went about achieving it.

This is for a job in McDonalds.

Would I mention studying for a diploma, or giving up smoking or passing a driving test?

Please any examples. I need help.

Thank you.

Halfahundred Mon 09-Sep-13 08:23:00

I think it's not so much the thing itself. Rather, you need to specify WHY you think it's your proudest achievement. In other words, detail the adverse conditions that made it tough to achieve and how you managed to do it (eg. I was really nervous about my driving test, had failed it twice before so having worked out that it was nerves making me fail, was determined to control these, etc). They're looking for self-reflexivity, self-awareness as opposed to a boast so the thing itself isn't as important as how you contextualise it (to your advantage)

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