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Unsure about working four full days!!

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rubbishfamily333 Wed 04-Sep-13 20:19:34

Thank you for your reply grin that sounds like an excellent idea.

I will try to negotiate better working hours. I honestly never thought of that.

It's 32 hours in total, I would prefer much less hours, but I guess that shorter hours would be a good start.

chanie44 Wed 04-Sep-13 18:01:18

Could you not negotiate around the pattern? Eg working 5 shorter days. As a self employed person, you should have more freedom to plan how you deliver the work, as long as it is delivered.

If they are struggling to fill the role, you are in a strong position to negotiate, especially if you can assure them the work will be completed. It may mean doing some work whilst the children are occupied, but it could be a small price to pay.

God luck with your interview.

rubbishfamily333 Wed 04-Sep-13 16:47:01

I'm a single parent and have been off work for about 6 months due to an injury, during that time I did some studying and I am now qualified as a further education tutor and assessor.

I have got an interview for a job tomorrow for an assessors role, the money is good but it's on a self employed basis. The recruitment lady said they have been trying to find someone for some time, it's been difficult to fill the role as most people don't want self employed. But that doesn't seem like a problem to me.

The thing is working 4 full days seems very full on as being a single parent I quite like to work less hours so that I am available to do the pick ups etc.

My last job was 16 hours per week and my job before was 25 hours per week only school hours which worked ok for me.

The thing is I don't have any work experience in the teaching/assessing and feel that if I am offered the position that I would be crazy to turn it down as its difficult get these roles without previous experience. But on the other hand work/family life balance is very important and I have had a very stressful time recently and I'm not sure diving into nearly full time work is a good idea. confusedconfused

Sorry if it all sounds confusing grin

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