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I'm thinking of a career change, would like to pick the minds of app developers/programmers please

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supersalmon Thu 29-Aug-13 17:43:43

I need to have a career change as what I used to do (statistical/data analysis) doesn't suit my current situation anymore.

I think I have the right sort of brain for programming in as much as I found it easy to learn when I did beginner level basic programming years ago (at least 15 years ago) and the work I used to do was similar to programming in a logical sense. I may, however, be too old and decrepit to learn enough to be competitive and employable in the current market.

So, if I want to do something like app development where should I start from? Should I do a course in Java or some other programming language first? If so, what sort of course, one like this? Then I was thinking that I would do a course like this one, or should I do something longer and more in depth.

If I applied for a job with you what would you like to see on my cv experience-wise? Would it be enough to have done a couple of well-written apps as part of my course or do I need to do some unpaid work experience?


supersalmon Thu 29-Aug-13 21:00:17

Bump, for those who weren't MNetting at work.

slightlysoupstained Fri 30-Aug-13 15:38:04

Not my area, so bumping for you...

I would say that doing a couple of well written apps (and your definition of well written will get more exacting with time, so be realistic, they know you
will need to learn) off your own bat really wouldn't hurt - all the better if they can show off some of your stats/analytics knowledge perhaps?

Sounds like a fabulous background for a programmer to me. Plenty of people come into IT having done something else first. But hoping someone in your area will respond...

supersalmon Sat 31-Aug-13 14:30:41

Thanks slightly. smile I appreciate the vote of confidence.

I've had a quick look at Objective C and it seems ok (although it was only a brief look). It's not dissimilar from what I used to do in as much as I'm used to defining things in order to use them later to manipulate data, though obviously the actual syntax is different.

Bumping for people in the know. Should I start with Java or just go straight to Objective C? And, given that I haven't really programmed before, how long do you think it would take to get proficient?

Thewhitelady Tue 03-Sep-13 17:24:03

I am a developer, great career choice IMO - lots of flexibility! I learnt all by myself but I have a hard science background where I did a lot of programming. Most job interviews have a practical test so I'd apply for graduate level jobs and see how you deal with the test. There is such shortage of skills that you probably won't need any unpaid experience, but a recent course in your cv and/or a link to an app you have written will probably help to grab the employer's attention, and show them you really want a career change. Good luck!

supersalmon Thu 05-Sep-13 21:14:56

Thanks TWL. I'm not sure about going for a graduate level job as it's a loooong time since I graduated and also there is a lot of competition from recent graduates who have the advantage of not having to deal with the school run.

I have some time to study first as I'm not quite ready to go back to work yet. How did you learn TWL? Was it just by using the information that Apple provides, through a book or with an online course? I have seen a few different online courses around, like Codecademy but I quite like working with books too as you can flip around and learn in a different order or flick backwards to quickly look something up.

cluecu Wed 11-Sep-13 19:24:41

I work for a specialist IT recruitment company. Some of our clients are household names and others are much smaller. Java is the most common language we are requested to recruit for with .net, c#in particular the second. PHP common too. I would look at Java based upon the clients I work with as there is a shortage of good candidates in perm and contract roles smile

Tinlegs Wed 11-Sep-13 19:29:32

Not sure if it helps - so many genuine experts here - but, my son taught himself a huge amount using YouTube tutorials. All languages there. Good Luck.

Cheryzan Wed 11-Sep-13 19:38:19

Apps for the iPhone can only be written in objective C, so if you really meant app developer that is what I'd go for.

However I agree that if you want to be a programmer not specifically an app developer java's great.

If you're going to apply for jobs without the right degree you're going to have to have some of your own work to show them. A website, an app or something like that. And you're going to have to be really enthusiastic about how you enjoyed making it.

Also go to one of the many geek night pub events. They're an excellent way to get an interview.

Cheryzan Wed 11-Sep-13 19:58:40

The hard thing about programming is not learning the syntax of the language.

You join a team of 10 people that have been working on a java program for 10 years and you won't understand it.

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