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Too old for teacher training?

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lazyeye Mon 09-Feb-04 10:15:34

Q for all you teachers out there.

I'm thinking about teacher training, probably not this Sept but next. I will have 3 v small children - well one at school (just 5) 3 and 1. Am I mad and am I too old? I'm 35 just now so will be 37 then.

I have a BA and an MSc in computing (conversion) Will I get away with the one yr PGCE or have to update my skills?

Any advice ?

Thanks in advance.

lazyeye Mon 09-Feb-04 10:44:27

Girls you are making me think I *am* to old and you are all too polite to tell me..........

ks Mon 09-Feb-04 10:49:14

Message withdrawn

CountessDracula Mon 09-Feb-04 10:59:18

Of course you aren't too old. A PGCE is one year, and given that you will probably work until you are 65, you have 27 years of working life left which is plenty. Go for it!

JessicaR Mon 09-Feb-04 15:04:25

Hi Lazyeye - I work at a University and deal with admissions onto teacher training courses. You're definitely not too old - we have applicants in their 50s! Whether you are mad....well I couldn't comment! The Teacher Training Agency has a good website which might help

lazyeye Mon 09-Feb-04 15:19:17

Thanks everyone. I've got lots of time to think about it anyway, but do fancy it, but thought I was cracking on a bit. If I teach IT its a way of combining something I already know about (in theory) with something new.

cazzybabs Mon 09-Feb-04 15:36:56

We had a lade doing her QTS and she is in her 40s. Have you thought about juts doing QTS because that way you get paid more about £13000 I think. It is designed for "older" people well over 25. You work in school rather than going to uni for half the time. You should look at your LEAs website and the TTA website they have more information about it. At the ned of the day it gives you the same qualification as a PGCE with more money to live off while you train. Just a thought - although you might like the thought of going back to uni with all that drinking!!!

bunny2 Mon 09-Feb-04 19:49:52

When I trained, there were loads of people in their 30's and 40's. Go for it! Primary or secondary?

Hulababy Mon 09-Feb-04 20:01:57

You are not too old at all for it. Good luck!

SenoraPostrophe Mon 09-Feb-04 20:19:53

The best teacher I ever had trained in his 40s (or so someone told me). If he hadn't, I don't think I'd have been as academically successful as I was and the same goes for dozens of other people who went to my school.

Go for it!

eidsvold Mon 09-Feb-04 21:02:38

I know two teachers - forties and fifties doing pgce, another in 30's doing GTP oprogram - so no never too old....

go for it..

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