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I am so FED UP with job hunting.

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FryOneFatManic Mon 08-Jul-13 09:16:48

I took redundancy from the civil service at the end of 2011. Due to MIL and my mum being ill, I had to delay job hunting and lived off my pay off. I am now back into looking for work and it's soooo demoralising.

I've just had another phone call telling me I was unsuccessful. The feedback is simply that someone else had more relevant experience to the job, but that I scored very highly and was rated as 2nd place.

I did ask a few subtle questions and I can tell from the tone of voice and answers that it really was down to the experience in the end.

I think my main problem is that the civil service, until recently, liked managers to be jack of all trades, so I have finance, training administration and even some HR experience but I am not an expert in any of these (I am not an accountant nor do I have the CIPD qualification, for example).

So I have experience that you'd expect from someone with a degree, without the degree!

If anyone has any tips to get around this issue, I'd be grateful, meanwhile I am applying for jobs slightly below the level I used to work, in the hope of at least getting in and working up again. Otherwise, I'm letting off some steam here, as I do have 2 interviews later this week.

Pandsbear Mon 08-Jul-13 14:08:51

No great tips but you have my sympathy! I am also fed up with job hunting! Hope the interviews this week go well for you.

alimac87 Mon 08-Jul-13 14:32:52

I know books aren't for everyone but i can really recommend a book by John Lees called The Interview Expert. It's a small book which covers all the aspects of preparing for interview. It's incredibly thorough & really gets beneath the surface. He also points out that if you are getting interviews you are nearly there! (I know though, so near yet so far). Good luck - I have had loads of interviews lately, am hoping to get an offer shortly. It has taken for ever.

FryOneFatManic Mon 08-Jul-13 14:35:57

Thanks for the sympathy smile and the book tip.

The 2 interviews are BOTH on Thursday. I have worked out I can get between them with some leeway. (And still get home in time to collect DS from school.)

alimac87 Wed 10-Jul-13 10:08:55

Also, I got the job smile!

You will definitely get there. Just needs grit and resolution and a whole lot more grit. It's been unbelievably long-drawn out.

Good luck!

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