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MichelleStarek Thu 27-Jun-13 19:38:18

Hello. I'm new to this website.. So not sure if I'm writinvg in the right place.
So I am a single mum to 3.8 year old Ashley. He is currently at full time nursery due to me getting a job.... So I got this fantastic opportunity to work in pharmacy where I can progress into becoming a technician or even pharmacist. I was so excited to get the job, as its a shift pattern - 25hrs a week which suited me with little help (nursery+childminder). I am already progressing with getting the training for pharmacy counter assistant (legal requirement). But all of the sudden I get this information from housing office that they won't be helping me with the cost towards my accommodation. Its a big blow to us because in renting a private 2bed flat that cost 1300 a month, and I also have been refused council tax benefit. So tking this into account: I am earning on average £700 a month... Nursery fees are £149 per week(my little one is goin reception from September which will be a big relief), the everyday costs of food and gas electric, clothes and other stuff. Now this council tax £100 a month + £90 per week for rent... I've been even threatened by landlord that he will Lick me out soon! I don't know what to do? Do I leave my job and go back on benefits? Do I appeal to housing office? What do I do? In desperate!

Patiencedeficit Thu 27-Jun-13 20:14:06

You def don't want your landlord to do that blush

Ragusa Thu 27-Jun-13 20:22:35

Are you claiminng tax credits? You may also get an element for childcare.

There is not much point appealing your housing benefit payment if it has been worked out correctly. You could apply for discretionary housing payments maybe but doubt you would get them. Mihht be worth a shot.

Are you in london or SE? Otherwise, your rent sounds quite expensive.

I would get thee to a Citizen's advice bureau and ask them to do a benefit check with you.

Do you get maintenance for your son?

Ragusa Thu 27-Jun-13 20:34:22

OK, I just ran your figures through the tax credits calculator - gross income of £800 per week, one chikd in approved childcare at £150 per week, no other benefits claimed, no other unearned income. It came back with a figure in excess of £9000 per annum in extra help for you.

You have to study Pharmacology at University to become a Pharmacist. Sorry but I think you mean Pharmacy Assistant.

I'm not sure about your figures, sorry. You've put £1300 a month rent, and £90 per week, can you clarify?

delasi Mon 01-Jul-13 16:22:56

I'm assuming if claiming HB then £1300 is the rent and £90 is what she pays as a 'top up' - in inner London areas where I am the full HB for a 2 bed works out around £1250 per month, so if the rent was £1300 then the benefit recipient would have to pay £50/month on top of their HB. So the less HB you receive, the more you have to pay yourself outside of HB.

I second the tax credits info. You're working more than enough hours to qualify and based on your earnings you'd likely be getting around full whack for WTC and CTC. This would make a huge difference to your monthly income. Even more so if you get childcare vouchers through tax credits. You'd also likely get a tax credit certificate for free prescriptions.

My next question is: why is landlord threatening to kick you out? Are you heavily in arrears with your rent? Or have you told him you won't be able to pay starting from x date? Someone else more informed will hopefully come along, but AFAIK your landlord isn't legally entitled to simply kick you out even if you are in arrears. Talk to your council about your situation (threat of homelessness/landlord's threat, not appealing the HB you receive), contact CAB in your area for more advice on your situation on the whole.

Finally, don't leave your job. As you've highlighted, it's worth more than just the money now - you could progress with qualifications and training to a better position and more money. I'm in a vaguely similar situation to you money-wise and I'm much better off working the job I currently have and claiming my full entitlements than just staying on benefits. If I was just on benefits we'd really be scraping by confused As it stands I no longer spend an hour trying to work out which food item is most important on the grocery list...

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