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Has anyone had careers counselling?

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MadBusLady Thu 27-Jun-13 16:59:12

I'm trying to go back to work after a long break, not for children, but maybe it's not too different. I really just need some very practical advice about what kind of sectors I have a hope of getting into at the moment. Has anyone had careers counselling in this situation and was it at all helpful?

Snorbs Fri 28-Jun-13 09:08:15

I did after being made redundant. It was a service that the local further-education college offered and that I found out about via the Job Centre.

I found it very useful as it helped me to clarify what other areas I'm interested in that I could potentially train towards being able to take on as a career. It also helped me to be clear about what kind of work/life balance I needed.

As it turned out I ended up back in the same industry that I was made redundant from but with a markedly better work/life balance. The pay isn't as good but the lower stress is more than worth it.

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