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Interview for career change job tomorrow- tips, advice..

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ethicsandpearls Wed 26-Jun-13 10:30:31

I have a job interview tomorrow and I think it's stressing me out so much I've developed a nervous twitch. (Or that could just be the coffee, thinking about it)

Basically I worked in the academic world for about 8 years, then went off to teach for 18 months in a school (due to relocation & research contracts ending) hated it, handed in notice & then found out was pregnant. So I haven't technically been employed for a year now.

This job interview tomorrow is for a year long internship position but as a 'worker' (not that that really matters). I have been desperately cramming world knowledge in preparation, but how can I get across that moving into the commercial world is what I really want to do now, and I understand that this internship would give me an opportunity to do this, regardless of it being less than a 1/3 of the salary I was on before?

What's the best way to approach wanting to move from public - private, and from a 'career' (that I wanted to move away from anyway) to an internship in an interview situation? I just know I'm going to be up against all these bright young postgraduates who will be on fire with 4 straight years of uni directly under their belts and not a year out of work, so on and so forth.

Any tips massively appreciated.

Bramshott Wed 26-Jun-13 11:10:14

I'd avoid going into too many details - just say brightly something like "I've got a bit of life experience now and I'm really relishing the idea of a new challenge"

Good luck!

KristinaFranziska Wed 26-Jun-13 11:14:27

OK, when I was "boss" my "Mums" were the best workers I ever had because they brought maturity and awareness of skills and needs of the organisation that went beyond the job description. I knew I could rely on them to keep me updated.

First I suggest you write a list or make a mind map/drawing of what you want from them.
Then what you think they want from you.
See where there is parallel and where there are differences.

Those differences are the basis of your questions. You can probe for clarity to see if they are a good fit for you?

I suggest that first you imagine yourself in the interview. See it going well. Really focus on how you will feel when you are their ideal candidate and that fit is like a good fitting piece of jigsaw.
Close your eyes and visualise yourself with it all happening around you. Imagine your confidence, your knowledge, your skills, your extra offerings, the uniqueness of you in that interview.

Be authentic, genuine, most true you. Because if you present yourself as something or someone else, then they are hiring a fantasy and you will be forever wriggling around trying to maintain that front. But if you and they both like each other, then you can relax and know it is the real deal that is the combination of YOU and THEM which appeals.

Good luck!

ethicsandpearls Wed 26-Jun-13 11:27:27

Thank you. Kristina, will do that now before cracking on! Bramshott- by the nature of the job I anticipate that specifics will be necessary- I've already noted that wooliness and vagueness appears to be a big no-no shock But I shall try to gloss over in a specifically vague way!

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