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Going back to work next week, just got email from boss....

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Thomcat Wed 31-May-06 21:41:56

He wants me to change the days I go into the office!

I went in to see him months ago and discussed my return to work with him. I decided I wanted to go from 4 days a week to 3 and to work from 10 - 5 instead of 10 - 6. He said could I do Mon, Wed, Thurs and I explained that I really wanted 3 consecutive days. Either Mon, Tues, Wed, or Tues, Wed, Thurs. Explained my reasons and he agreed I could do Tues,Wed, Thurs.
I asked him to put it in writing and he agreed.
I have since chased him for this email twice. he finally came back yestrday and said he felt strongly that I work on Mondays as all staff are in on that day. I go back next week!
I have emailed him and said my childcare arrangments have been sorted now, and that if everyone is in office on Monday isn't it better that I'm not in that day as there is a lot of cover in office, and we all work on our own projects anyway.
Think I've worded the letter really well, hope I have, I await his response.

Securlurking Wed 31-May-06 22:01:06

That is really off TC, I guess you know why he didn;'t want to send you the email then.

I hope your letter has the desired effect - would it be possible to swap Mon and THurs over (with reasonable warning) in order to keep both parties happy?

Thomcat Thu 01-Jun-06 10:00:41

I said originally i would work Mon, Tues, Wed or, Tues, Wed, Thurs, or Wed, thurs, Fri. He went for option b, Tues, Wed, Thurs which suited me best too as it ohappened and so I made my arrangments. I'm nt changing them now. The only other person in the office who has kids has a husband who doesn't work and an live-in nanny and her boys (twins) are about 0 now. She works 1 day a week and that day it seems would be a Monday as that is the day he wants me to work as well now.

I hope my letter has the desired effect too.

Securlurking Thu 01-Jun-06 22:24:00

I can't believe that he thinks this is ok, I don't understand people when thay are given options - if you choose badly then it is up to you to adjust to it not the other party.

hunkermunker Thu 01-Jun-06 22:27:06

Oh bloody hell, TC

Surely he can't think you can just change things like that?!

If he still wants you to work Mondays, can you tell him you've got childcare sorted for Tue/Wed/Thu for now, but you might be able to rejig it in a few months if you not being in on Mondays does turn out to be a problem.

Then once he sees it's not a problem, smile sweetly

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