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tips for returning to work after 14 years? Interview tomorrow. Am bricking it.

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ernesttheBavarian Wed 19-Jun-13 19:17:53

Haven't even had an interview for 20 years.

Any tips on how to get through this? Technically a second interview. I had a 45 minute phone interview about a month ago. I had written it off as so long hearing from them, but I got a call and have to go in tomorrow.

What do I need to do or not do.

Plus panicking over what to wear. Had it all organised. But weather turned totally tropical (over 35 today) so my suit will be way too hot. Would a smart summer dress be acceptable given the heat?

MarshaBrady Wed 19-Jun-13 19:23:43

Yes I think so. You can keep it smart.

Although I suppose it depends on what they all wear.

dogrosie Wed 19-Jun-13 19:50:15

Good luck Ernest, I have one too tomorrow, the first in 15 years that has really mattered. I am hoping to go back fulltime after working around the DCs for 12 years. All the best.

dogrosie Wed 19-Jun-13 19:57:56

Sorry, you asked for tips. I don't have any really. Just good luck thoughts!

ernesttheBavarian Wed 19-Jun-13 20:14:36

thanks. you too smile

Really panicking about what I can wear. even now at 10 pat 9 it's unbearably hot. Only my summer dresses are bearable and frankly only just. I thought the outfit was a no brainer, but I can't wear it (physically - I'll faint or melt!) but as it was a black dress with jacket I'd also look odd as everyone else is wearing next to nothing or maxi dresses. The usually summery heat wave stuff. gah.

KristinaFranziska Thu 20-Jun-13 17:39:54

Hello ernesttheBavarian,

OK, first thing is STAY CALM!
Now, this is just one possibility, so you can choose to view it as life or death, OR you can choose another way. How about:
1. This is my chance to experiment and play.
2. I am interviewing them to see if they fit with my needs.
3. I'm curious about them, let me see how much I can find out.

One of the secrets to success is to do your homework first.
Clothes are just one element to your self-presentation. How you carry yourself: your body language will say more about you than the clothes.

To help you, you can try this:
Stand in the middle of a room, away from everyone and close your eyes.
Put a pencil between your teeth and leave it there for at least 2 minutes. At the same time raise your arms over your head and think about a time when you were successful at interview. See how much you can recall: where were you? how did the room look? who was interviewing you? was there anyone else in the room? what could you hear? were there smells? what were you wearing? how did you feel?

See if you can stay there in that good memory for awhile. When you feel strongest, relax, let your arms drop and pat your legs as they fall.

Each time you feel panic/fear swap it with a more helpful thought like:
"I am a fabulous Mum!" or "I dress appropriately for the weather" or "one of my strengths is I have a pragmatic approach to reality."

Tomorrow get there early and visit the loo, in there put your hands over your head and hold them up awhile imagining it all going smoothly and beautifully and a complete marriage of needs. Then drop your arms down and pat your legs same as you did today. Light your inner shine and be the best you. Love yourself for having the courage to show up and for giving yourself a chance to get there and to learn.

Trust this helps and DO let us know how you get on! I'll be thinking of you.
Viel Glück!

ernesttheBavarian Thu 20-Jun-13 19:48:57

Thank you. That was a very detailed and helpful post which hopefully I will be able to use again soon. I feel it went very well. But I don,t think its the job for me or that I am the person for them. Main problem being they are not at all keen on PT (understatement) and although I said I would think about FT I have and I don,t see it as at all possible with my numerous dc and home responsibilities. Shame it took 2 interviews to get to that cos it would have ruled me out without any discussion. Tough I benefitted from the experience of 2 interviews. Not I am a blank though and no idea what to do now.

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