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Examples of being positive and enthusiastic

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Twirlbitesruinedmylife Fri 28-Jun-13 21:27:14

Thanks, will pass that on.

Tweet2tweet Fri 28-Jun-13 20:20:43

I look for positivity and enthusiasm during interview stage really. Relevant experience, professional CV and fulfilling key criteria are more important on application.

Twirlbitesruinedmylife Sun 16-Jun-13 15:43:14

My friend is a really positive and sociable person who is looking to go back to work after her husband left her. The job she is looking at applying for involves organising events and I'm sure she will be brilliant. She has asked me to proof read her application and it all looks great except I'm not convinced her examples of being positive and enthusiastic are okay for a business context (they're very personal.) Can anyone who is used to reviewing job applications offer any guidance on the kind of examples an employer would want to see.


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