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Any Residential Valuers Around?

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OffToWork Thu 13-Jun-13 14:15:43

I'm hoping to find work as a resi valuer at the moment. I'm had a good stint off work (5 years) while my children were young but am really keen to get back to it.

I am a chartered surveyor but haven't worked in this sector before. Am not sure about returning to work in my old sector/area as I would be gone from the house 7am-7pm on good days and longer on other days and as I'm divorced feel this would be hard on the kids. Am hoping if I could get into a valuers job that I could sometimes do the school run and make the time up in the evenings. However I think my salary potential would be a lot better in my old role and the job would be potentially more interesting (assuming someone gave me a chance to get back to it) and have more room to grow/do different roles.

I was wondering if there are any valuers around who could tell me a bit about their jobs.


OffToWork Sat 22-Jun-13 12:56:03

Just bumping this as would love to talk so someone who has done/is doing this role.

I've got an interview next week (first one in almost 10 years!)

KristinaFranziska Wed 26-Jun-13 11:43:11

I see you've had no replies. I'm presuming you want RICS Qualified valuers rather than the local Estate Agent. Here's a couple of opportunities you can create for yourself:

Pop into town and go into your local Estate Agents and ask them who are the local valuers and give them a call. Invite them for a coffee and a chat.

Take a look at Colleys and track down your local Bank/B. Soc valuer. Ditto a phone call.

Ask to work shadow for a day? Offer to help them in whatever way you can contribute as a thank you. Maybe type up the reports from that day?

Good luck!

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