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going back to work friday after 5 months off. feeling depressed

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McPrice Mon 10-Jun-13 21:13:13

hi just need to get this out. im going back to my shift working job on friday and leaving my baby with a childminder. im feeling heartbroken. just wondering if anyones got any tips whos been through it. ive got very mixed feelings about going back to work i face possible redundancy or relocation to a workplace 1 hour and a half away. also ive barely been apart from my ds. i have no choice about going back. i have to pay mortgage etc i had asked to do flexible working which was declined outright.

AliBingo Tue 11-Jun-13 16:01:48

Sorry to hear you are feeling fed up about going back, I certainly had mixed feelings too when I came back when DD was 7 months old. (I had never left her either apart from the odd hour for a haircut and one night out and one afternoon, all with DH.)

On the plus side, DD settled in at nursery well and I am enjoying being back at work again (I am lucky to have come back part-time) and I am definitely liking the money as we were struggling a bit before on just one wage.

I hope it goes well on Friday and you get into the swing of things again soon.

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