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Just about to graduate! CV help please.

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Ummofumbridge Fri 24-May-13 12:12:00

Just wondering if anyone clever can give me some advice. I worked for 8 years in an admin job and then quit and went to university to study for a science degree.
I completed my degree with 5 young children and was wondering if I should mention this on my CV. Also I was full time for 2 years and then I took 2 years out (when I had 2 babies very close together) then I went back and did 3rd year part-time. So all in all its taken me 6 years from start of degree to graduating. Should I just say I did the degree part- time? Will this go against me?
Sorry for all the questions. To be honest I've never even written a CV before and I'm a bit lost!

Ummofumbridge Fri 24-May-13 17:39:17

No one?

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