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suddenly freaking out about idea of looking for work :(

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FloatingOnTheMed Tue 23-May-06 20:54:56

Was going to put it off till dd settled at school (3 1/2 years time) but am single SAHM and beginning to think financially i really must go back sooner.

So began trawling Internet for possible jobs (no idea what i want to do, no particular ambitions) but i am suddenly feeling really upset and freaked out. I have never worked for more than 16k but that was because of the jobs i ended up in - care work, customer service for organic company just starting to grow, etc. My big problem is confidence, and while i was given huge boosts in my previous jobs (I was "promoted" manager for 3 years in 1st job, promoted to Supervisor in 2nd proper job and given tons of ego boosts in that job too. I know i did a good job, that i'm capable and that i'm worth tons more than 16k, but reading job descriptions/person specs etc why do i feel like i'm not? I just sort of fell into those jobs, 1st job my parents knew them, 2nd job the interviewer happened to have worked with the 1st job so we clicked straight away (and i was the only applicant) etc. So i just feel a bit fraudulent or something. It doesn't help that i am only educated to A level, have done no specific training or courses (not for qualifications anyway) not even computer ones although i am very computer literate.

It just scares me shitless the thought of going out there trying to sell myself when i've got no real evidence of my skills, i know i'm being pathetic, the evidence is right there on my CV work experience, but...... grrrr.... i don't know sorry i just needed a whinge it is getting me down tonight .

I'm a single mum, is it possible to do some sort of official training/qualification without having to pay any money or for any child care?? I really can't afford anything. I think if i had a qualification under my belt i would feel much more confident. Are the free computer courses you get at libraries only basic ones or are any of them quite advanced?

Sorry to go on....

hunkermunker Tue 23-May-06 21:01:15

Any chance of work at your old company?

Don't job centres have careers advice these days? Local temp agency? Reed have been good (and bad - depends on the branch!) for me in the past.

You will find something, and it will be good. Have you had a look on the Reed website? It lists jobs from other agencies too and is a lot more user-friendly than some of the others out there.

Good luck (and love your new name )

foxinsocks Tue 23-May-06 21:04:20

have you been to the job centre? a mother in dd's class has just been on a confidence boosting course (not sure what it is called) that they arranged for her (may be something to do with New Deal??). I don't know about these things but they are helping her get back to work - she also got to see a careers counsellor person who helped her make an action plan as to what she wants to do eventually. I don't think she paid for any of this but she is a single mum on some sort of benefits (so I don't know what you have to do to qualify for it).

FloatingOnTheMed Tue 23-May-06 21:05:58

Thanks. Have thought lots about going back to old job (they'd have me back in an instant, if they have vacancies), but
a) it would be the "safe" option but not what i really want, therefore going back for all wrong reasons.
b) Money not good.
c) Would feel like going backwards. Also i think i did such a good job while pregnant of convincing myself i hated it & was desperate to leave that i've forgotten all the good stuff, cos in actual fact i really enjoyed my job! (Though I know if i returned it wouldn't be the same job as i was supervisor and i would have to return part time.) I suppose it's worth thinking about though, there might be other opportunities in the company for something better.

Anyone rung the learndirect careers advice line? on their website it sounds really good and just who i might need to speak to, but am always sceptical.

thanks hunker, will check out Reed's website but right now i have to go and watch Shabaz make a fool of himself on BB will be back later to check this....

hunkermunker Tue 23-May-06 21:07:33

Oh, thanks, you reminded me, FOTM - will stick TV on to watch his antics now

FloatingOnTheMed Tue 23-May-06 21:08:11

x posts fox i went to the job centre a while ago but the woman just seemed set on convincing me i would be better off financially returning to work. When I asked about education opportunities etc etc she was v unhelpful and seemed to think i couldn't get any help. She even said it's usually better if i look for & apply for jobs myself, rather than through them, though they could help me with interview techniques etc. So i'd rather not go to them for help tbh till i have actually got a job and need to sort out my financial stuff!

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