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what should I do - advice please.

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foxy1 Tue 23-May-06 09:02:32

Hello - I have a 13 month old boy who I adore. I used to be a buyer (handbags) before I had my son and I enjoyed my job but it was stressful - they have said that I cannot do 3 days a week which is what I wanted. They have offered me 4 days (with all my previous fulltime responsibility) or 5 days. I have also applied for another job within the company which is a 3 day job a grade higher/next level up from my buyer role. This is within marketing support department and the role sounds interesting but also is completely new for me - so would be quite scary. I want to get pregnant within the next 6-12 months. What would you do :-

1) stay at home and look for another part time opportunity
2) go back to my old job 4 days a week
3) go for new role

Help help, help

Carmenere Tue 23-May-06 09:04:23

New job definitely!!!

MrsMuddle Tue 23-May-06 09:13:32

New role, then after your next maternity leave, have a rethink.

Marina Tue 23-May-06 09:19:35

Agree with Mrs Muddle and Carmenere. Go for the new p/t role.

Your old job sounds ghastly

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