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Returning to teaching post part time, please give me tips!?

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allchik Wed 15-May-13 09:08:57

Hi, will be returning to my secondary teaching post in sept when dd is 9 months old. I will be returning 4 days a week as really wanted an extra day with my daughter but couldn't afford 3 days and also don't want to get to 'out of the loop' at school.
I teach PSHE and careers, with the odd humanities lesson sometimes thrown in to pad out my timetable.
I am also going to be part of a team that will be setting up primary school links/promotion (our school is very undersubscribed) I also lead the school council which is quite a big thing at the mo as we may be turning into an academy etc.
We will be using a childminder so can set our own hours. I'm hoping to do 8-4.30, 3.30 on a Friday. This won't give me much time in the morning and will leave about 80mins after pupils have left.
Ideally I want to get the majority of my work done at school so it doesn't end up eating into my day off....don't really want to be working during her nap time as will use this time to catch up on housework etc.

So would love to hear any organisation tips from other part timers....also, anything I should be wary of, potential pit falls etc?

Excited about returning, I do love my job, but just need to make sure I'm super proactive whilst there! Thanks smile

lovefreelance Wed 15-May-13 12:29:00

How freaky, I have just been reading an article on just this! It's aimed at people who work from home, but the time-saving/organisational advice may help you too (it also has a section for mums working part time so there may be more info on there that can help... I haven't checked that out yet):

Potential pitfalls for me would be my job 'leaking' into my family time, so you'll need to be strict with yourself about cutting off. Also, one thing that I found helped me when I was working long hours, was creating an achievable housework rota for myself (ie vacuum and dust downstairs Mondays, clean bathroom Tuesdays). I budgeted up to half an hour of time each day to do it and made sure I did it in the morning before work so the house was nicer to come home to, and I didn't dread the prospect of it all day! Once I had a rota I found it easy to keep up with it, and in fact once I started a task, I'd often do a bit more. It just helped to keep the house going and stop that awful feeling of losing control and not knowing how you're going to find the time to catch up.

Hope this helps!

IHeartKingThistle Wed 15-May-13 12:32:00

Make sure you have a cast-iron plan for being 'in the loop' on EVERYTHING. If you're not there for a meeting, your HOD needs to email you the minutes. I suffered a lot last year from plans being discussed informally at lunchtime on days I wasn't there. Made me look like an idiot and not my fault.

notnagging Sat 18-May-13 06:01:24

I work 3 and a half (0.7) which is good for me. Sometimes I do a lot of housework, sometimes I do lots of school work sometimes I do nothing at allgrin Depends on what mood I'm in & what my weeks been like. Don't be to strict on yourself. I tend to do more when the dcs have gone to bed which I'm stricter about so I can be productive in the evenings.

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