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I have an interview for my dream job!

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ellajayne Mon 13-May-13 15:50:30

Next Wednesday I have an interview for my dream job in social media and its a ten minute walk from my house! This job couldn't be better - great location, a great umbrella corporation that works with charitable companies, minimum wage but 40 hours a week which makes it well worthwhile and guaranteed for 6 months with the possibility of a contracted job at the end.


1. I have no idea what to wear. I own no interview worthy clothes or shoes. I intend to buy some black shoes this week but what else is considered appropriate while not looking too professionally formal?

2. I've not had an interview or a job in over five years. I am bricking it. It's my experience in website design and management with social media skills that has cinched the interview (I run a blog) but I have no formal qualifications apart from A-Levels.

3. I am so nervous about getting the job. I'd love it if I did but it would mean 2 year old DD would need to go into daily full time nursery and DD1 who's in reception would need to go there after school until around 5:30pm. I've never not been home for them so this worries me.

I am young (25) and feel like this is my opportunity to finally forge a career for myself and to support my DD's, pay my dues etc but coming off benefits really scares me.

I hope you can help grin

deXavia Mon 13-May-13 16:07:59

First off Congratulations on the interview.
1) charities and social media - you can get away with a bit clothes wise. If you can borrow a trouser suit then great, bright top under neath or white tee - smart but not too formal. If not go through everything you have and what is your smartest combination - I interviewed a lady in jeans once - she looked great. As I recall white shirt and tailor jacket on top - stunning scarf is all I really remember. If in doubt get a friend over - who do you know who is the most stylish or professional and get them to help. Don't buy the shoes til you've worked out what you are wearing

2) qualifications - I'm guessing its something about building their digital presence. Take a portfolio of your work - screen shots in a simple folder. Follow the interview up with a thank you email with a link to your most relevant and best example. Have some idea or examples of great digital media in your head esp from other charities, to show you understand the market.

3) kids - at this stage just think of the practicalities - will childcare be easy to find, can you afford it. I'm not saying the emotional side is unimportant but put it to one side for the interview - wow them the first time you meet them... then there will be time between interview and offer if you really must change your nmind

Good luck - and update please

SunnyL Mon 13-May-13 16:15:57

Ella it is all about research research research and little to do with clothes. Look smart - suit up for corporate environment, nice blouse and trousers/skirt for non-corporate environments.

When I interview someone I want to know they have
a) looked at my company website
b) have done some digging on the types of clients and projects we work on.

The best way of doing this is when asked questions try to relate them to work you know the company is doing. That way they know you are committed, you've spent time ensuring you know what the company does and you've though about how you can contribute to this.

Oh and don't turn up late. Had a girl show up 45 minutes late recently because she was 'lost'. She has a degree in Geography!!

ellajayne Mon 13-May-13 16:54:42

I know the exact location and I'm early for everything so no lateness from me.

So, knee length skirt/trousers with a shirt, blazer/cardigan and black flats?

I've done quite a bit of research on the company today and will do lots more in the coming week. They specialise in housing and care, sometimes both together and my main duties would be writing and publishing articles to the website, communicating via social media for promotion, keeping the websites up to date and edited well and reporting analytics to the managers. Sounds easy to me as I do all of that in my free time for my blog as it is.

So I should relate everything back to the company's work and my experience, yes? I honestly can't wait but I'm equally as nervous as this is truly something is love to get in to and the opportunity is in front of me if only I can secure it.

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