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mrs2cats Mon 13-May-13 11:33:20

Although I'm proficient using Word, Excel, PowerPoint, internet etc etc and have used PCs for many years, I'm finding that more and more employers are asking for an ECDL qualification. It often seems to come up on the 'essentials' list of a job spec.

I imagine the ECDL is quite basic stuff really but I'm thinking of biting the bullet just to be able to put ECDL on my CV. Has anyone done the ECDL? What are the costs involved and has anyone done an online/distance learning course?


RambleOn Mon 13-May-13 17:47:55

I'm currently doing ECDL with Learn Direct for the same reasons as you. It will cost £240 in total. This includes all fees, online course, etc. it is all done from home apart from seven exams which need to be done at the local college.

mrs2cats Mon 13-May-13 20:05:20

Thanks for the info RambleOn. So many places seemed to want personal details before letting you know cost and I wanted a ballpark figure. I thought the cost might be around that but I was hoping it would be less.
Ho hum.

thesea Sun 26-May-13 13:15:44

I'm halfway through doing my ECDL at the moment. Realistically, I could have done it in under a month, but the training provider that I am with have really been dragging their heels about teaching me what I need to know. The Word and Powerpoint module exams were very easy. I'm a but stuck on the Excel at the moment (always one point off and always on the same question).

I managed to get my course for free by getting onto a government-funding training course through my jobcentre.

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