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Requesting new role and flexible hours- anyone know the rules?

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CandyPop Mon 13-May-13 04:34:08

I am currently on maternity leave and starting to think about returning to work full time. However I will be putting a request in to work flexible hours. I want to work 2 days from home and also work 8-4 instead of 9-5 on the other 3 days I'm at work .

I also want to change roles.

My question is, if they allow me to change roles, do I still have the right to out forward a request for flexible hours and so they do have to consider my flexible hours request by law? Or does it count as a new job and therefore Haven't met the 28 weeks working full time requirement ?

Thank you in advance !

Mutley77 Mon 13-May-13 05:34:31

I think in both cases (change of role and flexible working hours) you have the right to request both but don't not have the right to the change. What I mean is you can ask for what you like but they can turn you down if they have a business case to justify doing so.

It is difficult to advise on this without knowing the circumstances - often if you are wanting to change role you need to be in a position where a role is available and I would have thought your employer could ask you to interview for a new role.

lovefreelance Mon 13-May-13 06:12:30

I think the first step would be to have an informal chat to your boss/manage if you have a good relationship with them and sound it out.

You do have a legal right to request flexible working. ACAS only says you need 26 weeks of continuous employment, which it sounds like you meet - it doesn't state that it needs to be in the same position:

You could always call them for clarification? The above page has a hotline for free, confidential advice.

If you wanted to know more about the official steps in requesting flexible working, and what to do if your request is turned down, you can find them here:

Good luck smile

CandyPop Mon 13-May-13 06:19:51

Thanks x

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