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Want Career after mat leave, anyone done an apprenticeship?

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Gonnabmummy Sat 11-May-13 14:43:52

Looking at options in advance don't even start leave for 4 week. Really interested in a Carer in business and admin always have been. Do not want to go back to old job hate it and not good with little one.
Just wondering if anyone has went done the apprenticeship route as there's many available close to me all 9-5 or there abouts.
I've been looking into it because it'll be a way of fetching in Money (albeit 100 a week) and avoiding course costs. However I will be out full time then so will need childcare.
Also courses with open uni seem less worth it cost no experience and all seem to to summarise as a pathway to said career where I want to get right into after qual. But home course or Carlisle uni would be good to stay at home as long as fees would be paid when back into work, can survive without extra 100 a week. Just wondering if anyone in same boat or know of extra help that may be available for me to study?

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