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lizzie1608 Thu 09-May-13 06:09:25

I am trying to go back to work and arrange childcare for my little girl who is two. I keep being told that I should get some help towards childcare costs and before I take the plunge wanted to get an idea of how much help we can get. Ideally I need her to go to a nursery but all we can afford is a pre-school at the moment. Anyway, I called HMRC, was waiting for 20 minutes and was then told that I need to use their online calculator (did this don't understand the results), talked to a helpline at our local council who just pointed me in the direction of HMRC. Does anyone know if there is anywhere that I can talk to a person and go through scenarios so that I can get it clear? I just want to talk to a person. Thank you.

UnderwaterBasketWeaving Thu 09-May-13 06:33:42

I think your local CAB person will know for sure.

If you're on a low income you may be entitled to tax credits.

Anything else, and you can claim childcare vouchers (up to £243 a month for each parent) which are taken out of your wage before tax.

You might also be eligible for some free nursery hours, but I think that's geographically restricted and for very low incomes.

Ring the CAB.

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