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New career help!

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twoofakind Fri 03-May-13 21:41:04

I would love to work with children or help people.

At first I was looking at being a speech therapist but this is hard to get into.....then I looked into becoming a neonatal nurse....I have read up on what this involves and how upsetting yet rewarding it can be and I would love to do it.

The problem is..I have NO IDEA what I have to do to get there...I know I cant just go straight into it, and that I have to train to be a registered nurse first, but this is what Im stuck with....

My qualifications from school are rubbish....I met a boy and that distracted me from my studies....oh if I could turn back time!

My GCSE's are as follows:

Maths F
English D
Science D

My local university needs these 3 subject at grade C or above and wont accept GCSE equivalent ( which I have often depended on!)

Any help from anyone would be brilliant

Thank you.

Salbertina Sat 04-May-13 13:30:41

Good on you. I think yr priority should be to get grade c gcse maths & english and ideally science if have health career in mind. Youll need yhese for any course:decent job you want to do. Find out how you can do this at yr local college

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