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PT new job V FT old job

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Kafri Wed 01-May-13 20:37:00

So, my Mat leave is up in July and I have just been told by my current employer that I can't return to work part time which is what I was hoping for. I really don't want to work full time and miss out on soooo much with my little one. He'll only be 7 months when i'm due to go back so just feel he's not old enough to be left in a nursery full time and i'm nowhere near ready to leave him full time. I know some mums do it and i'm nt condemning in, it's just not for me.

So, I need to find myself a new job. To be fair, i'm not overly bothered what I do, as long as it fits around my little one and DH hours.

I'm so frustrated that my current employer won't let me go back part time.... Don't get me wrong, I know they're under no obligation to allow employees to return part time if it doesn't fit 'the needs of the business'

And i've just realised that there isn't even a question in this, just a rant. Sorry.

Metalgoddess Thu 02-May-13 21:11:05

I obviously can't help with the situation but I would feel the same. I was lucky that work let me go from 5 to 3 days. If they hadn't then I would have left, there is no way I would be able to put my baby into full time care, I feel guilty at doing 3 days!!. I understand your frustration at work but think you are doing the right thing. Good luck with your new job search x

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