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returning to work and money.

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missmatched Wed 24-Apr-13 23:29:27

First some back ground.I was made redundant last year when I was five months pregnant,I have been looking for work since end of January.I have had three interviews each of them have gone to internals,My feedback has been fantastic and two companys said the will keep me on file,but isnt that what they all say??

The bulk of my experince is in retail management,not alot out there at the moment.I have a final stage interview on monday and another one booked for the 17th of May.The thing is I scared they will take internals over external as it good buisness sence,cheaper more knowledge etc ect,so I have decided to have a plan a, b and c. Plan A is clear get a job in retail management.

I decided to go and see a careers adviser as I have alot of transferable skills. She has put me forward to for two course's edcl and the sage,so I could work in payroll/finance.This forms plan B.

Plan C is abit uncertain as I have to look at some figures.One of the companys that gave me good feedback has part time vacancies with a lesser role,which I am not bothered about as I have a 10 month old son so part time wont kill me,it would also give me a foot in the door.I would rather be in a company I want in a lesser position than in a company I dont want to be in,it would make my life miserable.Here is what my questions are

1) to claim working tax credits how many hours do you have to work now?

2)How much is working tax credits? Also what are the limits?

3)Anyone got any other ideas to help me at the very latest I need to return to work by the end of July.

I didnt think I would find it so hard being unemployed.I think people look at you differently.If one more person asks me when I am going back to work I think I will cry,just random people not like my family,health visiters and people who you meet in baby group.

Rockchick1984 Fri 26-Apr-13 09:18:29

Regarding tax credits, are you a lone parent as this makes a difference. If not, what does your partner earn?

You would need to be working 16 hours a week as a lone parent to claim tax credits. What salary would you be getting if you took the part time job? You may also get partial housing benefit if you are renting, and up to 70% of childcare costs paid.

Do you have family support for childcare? Having worked in retail for many years, in my experience (and I'm sure in yours) part time staff often don't have set hours which can be a problem if you are using paid childcare.

Your options sound good and well thought through, good luck with it!

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