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I'm a single mum, on benefits with a 2 year old and I want to go back to work

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Wetthemogwai Mon 22-Apr-13 21:18:27

Thats it really

How does everyone do it? I'm living with my parents at the moment while we wait for a council house/find a house we can afford, they both work full time so aren't available for childcare therefor I would need to afford a nursery or childminder.
I'm learning to drive as we are out in the sticks and it's a must really so I need to be able to afford to run a car.

I know most single mums will be in the same boat as I will be in once we've moved out so I'm wondering how everyone does it?

I need to do it, we need to form a proper life and i need to get myself off benefits and into our forever home.

We've lived on our own for most of dds life but the last couple of months at my parents have really made me determined to sort it all out and get on.


wannabedomesticgoddess Mon 22-Apr-13 21:27:21

If you use a registered childcare provider you can get help with (I think) up to 70% of childcare costs.

You will still get tax credits, and depending on how many hours you work and what you earn, you may get working tax credit.

You will still get child benefit, and once you find somewhere to live you may be able to get some help towards your rent (again depends on income and your local authority.)

If you google 'entitledto' you could use that calculator to work out different scenarios.

Also 'listentotaxman' will help you work out what your take home pay will be from any potential job.

What experience do you have? What kind of job are you hoping to look for?

Wetthemogwai Mon 22-Apr-13 21:41:42

That's fantastic, thankyou smile

My experience is mostly in animal welfare, I'm part way through an animal behaviour degree but gave up when dd was born as I didn't have the support to do both.
I can't afford to do both yet and it'd mean moving dd back up north which would be the 3rd time she's moved in her 2 years and she's just settled after the last time.

I just want a job that's well paid enough to cover living costs, any extra is a bonus and if it's something I enjoy that's even better.

I've been thinking about retraining in early years but thats something I'd have to look into especially as I couldn't get another student loan.

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