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Jobhunting while on maternity leave- let's support each other

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Queenmarigold Thu 22-Aug-13 19:40:44

I think I'm about to join you. I'm getting screwed over due to mat leave- and it looks like there's not much I can do about it. I am terrified, bloody terrified. The mortgage is massive, the childcare is massive- we are in debt before the month starts. Damn young, child free people- your time will come then us old ones will take your jobs!!!!

Beaker1983 Fri 26-Apr-13 10:35:44


Im in the same boat, was made redundant on mat leave, DD is now 10months old and I am struggling to find work whilst looking after her. I have no family in the area so am in a catch 22 with putting her in childcare and starting a job. The jobcentre are a big pile of uselessness who seem to just want to get me into any job when I need to be earning enough to cover childcare costs!

WipsGlitter Tue 23-Apr-13 20:45:05

I was in the same boat and did get another (temp) job. Two years down the line I'm struggling to get a permanent job, am currently in another temp (mat cover) post. It's very disheartening.

satsumagirl Mon 22-Apr-13 15:34:24

Hello ladies. I was recently made redundant. Currently on mat. leave ( DD is 4 months old). I am hoping to find a job for when she is aged 6 months, or older- am prepared to take my time for the right job.

I would love to share experiences with anyone who is/ has been in the same boat. I know the market is tough but I am DETERMINED to get a nice new job, however long it takes!

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