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Could do with advice / handholding re my return to work after ML

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SESthebrave Sun 14-Apr-13 19:45:05

I have 1 week left of ML after DC2 and am then back at work. My first week back, I'm working 3 days - Tues, Wed & Thurs only. Each of the 3 days, I'm attending regional conferences in various locations about 60-90mins from home. DS (3.11yo) and DD (10mo) will both be in nursery.

Originally, DH said he would take the 3 days off work and help with the nursery run. He has now been told he needs to atttend a week long residential course in Madrid so will be away from Sunday afternoon until Friday evening.

Now on paper, I'm sure it's doable as nursery opens at 7.30am and closes at 6.30pm. The conferences are 9am for 9.30am start and finish at 4.30pm. My journeys do include the M25 though and I need to find the hotels that the conferences are in.

Is it pathetic to feel a bit daunted? Any hints or tips for how to cope? I suppose my biggest concerns are getting us all up and ready in the mornings and also DD going longer than usual days without me (especially as I'm still BFing). Also nursery is 30mins from home!
Maybe I just need to take it a day at a time. I think come Sunday afternoon, Friday evening will feel a very long time away!

whattodoo Sun 14-Apr-13 20:10:49

Wow, what really unfortunate timing for DH to be away!

I'm sure you'd manage fine with the travel to the conferences. Do you have Sat-nav? if not, could you borrow one? It'll help you find the venues without extra worry.

As you say, take one day at a time - if it works OK the first day, then that will give you confidence for the second etc.

Do you have anyone that you can put on standby to collect the DC if you get stuck in traffic coming home?

Can you spend this week doing amazing things (I took my DD to a theme park on our last day before she started school, for instance). It gave us both some brilliant bonding (not that we needed it!) and I felt as though I'd given her the very best time with me that I could.

Also, could you make some easy meals to put in the freezer for the nights you're working. Get everything ready the night before (your clothes, their outfits and changing bags, directions to the venues, contact nos to give to the nursery, expressing equipment etc).

I'm sure you'll be fine once you get into the swing of things. Good luck x

lizardqueenie Sun 14-Apr-13 20:48:36

Was thinking if there was anything else I could add to what whattodo ha said but a pretty good list of things to organise.

Agree see if there is anyone you could have pick up the dc's if you were late- have you already sorted emergency contacts for nursery.

I think take it a day at a time but make sure you organise everything you & the DC need for those 3 days- rope your DH in here too- so all of your work clothes/ notes/ anything else you need to take to conference plus nappy bags/ kit for dc's for nursery. Maybe the 2 of you blast that stuff one evening after the kids have gone to bed & then you know it's taken care of & you can enjoy the last of your mat leave.

It is rubbish timing but just thinking when you are the otherside of this baptism of fire other work/ childcare home juggling will be like a breeze.

Good luck & keep us posted smile

SESthebrave Sun 14-Apr-13 21:02:01

Thank you both for your replies and for not telling me that I'm being pathetic!

I know the girls at nursery as DS has been going there since he was 9mo and they are great so I will prime them on the situation. I also have a friend that lives 10mins from nursery who would help out if she can (around her own 3 DC!)

I think it will be about being organised as you both say and also just being able to find a bit of time to chill out and offload!

I have a new boss (company restructured a week before I went on ML) who I don't really know but I do know that he has a DD about 3mo older than mine so hoping he will be understanding if necessary. Obviously though I don't want to go back to my first week expecting concessions around childcare and giving that impression to the rest of the team!

Thank you again for you supportive replies.

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