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How long to hear back from job application???

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Heinz55 Tue 09-Apr-13 14:20:48

So I spent ages on my cv in order to try to get back to work after 10-ish years as a sahm. I have sent off 4 job applications - all bottom of the ladder type jobs - not one reply shock apart from an automated response to say they received my application. A job came up that I really, really wanted. It was for a national agency but in their local office. My application went in (to head office) 8 days before the closing date. The closing date was noon 4 (working) days ago. I have heard nothing.....I also sent a copy by post so they definitely got it. People have said: oh that job'd've been gone before it was even advertised (possible??) and: if they were interested they'd've been in touch by now (which I sort of agree with). I spent hours over that application, so much so that I really felt I was in with a chance so I'm very a bit devastated disheartened that I would not even hear back from them. Do you think it is possible they just haven't sorted through the applications yet?? How long does it normally take to hear back from someone and is it reasonable to phone and ask (they do have a HR dept) and if so, how long should I wait before doing so??
Oh and: Do people (nowadays!) contact by email or post???? I'm glued to my email, checking every few minutes blush

TheChimpParadox Tue 09-Apr-13 19:32:57

It's awful isn't it waiting . Have just been through it myself . From date of closing to them getting in touch it was 7 working days.

They contacted me by telephone to arrange interview - remember they have to have the panel in place and times set aside before they can offer interview dates.

Perhaps give it two weeks after closing date before you phone HR.

Heinz55 Tue 09-Apr-13 21:06:17

Okay...yes it is awful! but thanks for your reply, I will try to calm down! - Hope you were ultimately successful!

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