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Can I claim SMP & take a dividend from my company?

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LizbetRobin Thu 04-Apr-13 15:18:51

I run a business with my husband & sister. I want to go on maternity leave and claim my SMP. If I were to work 2 days (or even 10 mins!) a week in my business then I can't claim SMP. Inevitably though I will get phone calls and called upon as it's my business. I wondered can I take a dividend instead. I have tried googling & talking to my accountant & they're looking in to it hut I wondered if any of you savvy parents new! I think it's ok... as long as I'm not 'working', which I won't be, but there is always the responsibility of running your own business in the background, & that's where I'm hoping a small dividend will come in.

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