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Pro's of working mornings only?

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Cocktailsorcakes Sat 16-Mar-13 21:08:03


I have an interview next week for a part time job and they want me to state my preferred pattern of working hours when there.

They have given no indication of their preference.

The only way I can afford to take the job is if they let me work 3-4 hours every morning Monday-Friday.

How can I sell this to them as a good idea? I was thinking something along the lines of Im able to deal with issues everyday, Im most productive in the mornings and possibly adding in fits best with family.

Any thoughts?

redskyatnight Sun 17-Mar-13 16:11:02

I think it depends on the job tbh. I used to work 8.30-12.30. It was certainly helpful to be in the office every day (there was very rarely anything urgent that couldn't wait till the next morning) whereas colleagues who worked the same number of hours over 3 hours always found it was time consuming to catch up after a day off and there was a long period where they weren't available at all. (they mostly ended up mitigating this by logging on, on their days off just to keep on top of it). But if you are having to work round other colleagues it might be harder to justify. For a while when I worked mornings I was a on team with 1 colleague how worked Mon-Wed and 1 who worked full time. Which meant the full time colleague always had to cover Thurs and Fri afternoons on his own and often couldn't take Thurs and Friday off. Not very fair on him.

I wouldn't mention it fitting in with family, all your prospective employees want to know that your family will in no way impact your performance at work!

missprocrastinate Sun 17-Mar-13 17:11:29

If they want you to let them know preferred hours then it sounds like they're already being flexible which is great.

I'd sell it to them along the lines of you being more productive in mornings, but you need to be available in afternoons when kids come home from school and you can't afford additional childcare. Most employers realise this is massive problem for working moms. However, you could also offer to provide extra cover if needed provided you have enough notice.

It's all about compromise. They'll fall in with you as long as you show that you're willing to be flexible now and again too.

Good luck!

Cocktailsorcakes Wed 20-Mar-13 14:39:51

Thanks guys!!

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