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Can I ask some questions about my CV please?

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MsPickle Mon 04-Mar-13 08:34:19

Good luck!

LillethTheCat Mon 04-Mar-13 07:59:17

Yey. In that case then my profile is complete on Reed. Just need to apply for each job. Will do this afternoon.

MsPickle Sun 03-Mar-13 22:15:28

No I don't think you need a photo. They are very tricky to get right and I think they open a whole can of worms around ethical recruitment.

LillethTheCat Sun 03-Mar-13 20:29:57

Do I really need a profile picture on Reed? You are going to say yes aren't you, but I dont have one.

LillethTheCat Sun 03-Mar-13 19:46:53

Thanks for that insight MsPickle

MsPickle Sun 03-Mar-13 19:37:46

As a recruitment consultant I can tell you that taking the time/trouble to tailor each application is well worth it!! Not least because the requirement to provide 'evidence' that you're looking for work to maintain benefits has led to a massive increase in junk applications. That's also why, especially with sites like Reed when you can see how many applications have been made you should never not apply. Opening a covering email which is relevant, decently written and makes me want to open a CV makes my day as they are the exception rather than the rule. Ditto focussing your cv, there's nothing worse than getting a call from someone lambasting me for not considering them when they've assumed that I will make the right 'between the lines' assumptions about them.

Oh, and follow up the applications with phone calls. Often a thankless task but you never know when you'll get someone like me for whom that makes all the difference; just a polite 'just wanted to ensure you'd received my application because I'm really interested'. Especially important with agencies because that's how you find the good consultants who'll dig up great opportunities and come and give you an early chance. There are, unfortunately, a lot of tossers working in recruitment but some of us aren't...!

LillethTheCat Sun 03-Mar-13 18:38:04

Ahh thanks. Well I better be thinking about that too.

lljkk Sun 03-Mar-13 18:15:27

I can easily upload a different cover letter & CV for each job when I use Reed. I presume you'll find that, too.

Neah, don't mention stuff you don't have, but I think a lot of CVs have a section like:

"Other Details:
UK nationality, clean driving license, qualified first aider."

LillethTheCat Sun 03-Mar-13 15:56:14

Good idea about the skillsets part. Ive been out of that particular type of work for nearly 5 years now (Just a bit of shop work here and there).

So on Reed you send a different cover letter and CV for each job then? I thought you had a profile and that what was sent to each job you applied for.

I dont want to give details out of references until I am asked so I can tell my referees to expect something. I could mention my driving license and nationality in my statement could I? I only need to mention Im British and have a full clean driving license. I dont know any other languages apart from English so dont really need to mention that part I wouldn't have thought would I?

lljkk Sun 03-Mar-13 14:17:50

I would change personal statement unless the jobs are strikingly similar.

I am on Reed, you probably do need to have versions of your cv on your pc where you can tweak what it says for each job, unless you are lucky enough to land a job quickly. Then you can upload a different cover letter & CV for each application as you go along, for the moment when you actually finally apply.

My cv has a "skillsets" list between the personal statement & employment history, that's partly because I am coming back to work after big break so need to emphasise skills rather than recent experience (ample but dated now).

What about your references, or details like languages & driving license, nationality (they all ask about nationality, now).

LillethTheCat Sun 03-Mar-13 10:51:21

The jobs I have seen are on Reed website. They are all in finance. I think that I upload my CV to that site and then just apply for jobs using the same CV so cover letters, changing personal statement for each job wouldn't really work I dont think.

Though some good points for any other jobs I see I would like to apply for.

ATM my CV has my name, personal statement, Employment details, Educations and finally interests (which is just running and puzzles/problem solving)

Numberlock Sun 03-Mar-13 10:37:38

I'd be happy to help if I can. What line of work are you in? That will determine your personal statement which sure appear at the top of your CV.

lljkk Sun 03-Mar-13 10:36:04

You could have a section entitled "Professional Development" in bold with the courses listed one line each underneath with dates of completion. I tend to put most recent items first. If there are enough courses to impress, that is. Refer to them in your cover letter, too, with details of what you learnt or achieved in each that will seem relevant to employer.

LillethTheCat Sun 03-Mar-13 09:43:21

Thanks MsPickle Yes the courses are related to the jobs I want to apply for, one more so than the the others, but all still relevant. They are also something Im doing to try to get back into work. I did have a few interviews a while ago, but the feedback I had was always that I was seriously considered, but someone else had more recent experience or had these qualifications I am working towards. So I thought I would do something about that. In that case I will mention it in my personal statement, but put it in my current job area of my CV.

Thanks for your help, I will have a go at revamping my CV today so I can apply for these 3 jobs Ive seen.

MsPickle Sat 02-Mar-13 22:53:05

As for not making your personal statement sound like a list; if that's where yours is heading you're probably trying to major too many points in it. I think the best statements are those tailored to fit an advert- I.e, if the ad uses the word 'proactive', have it in the statement and then elsewhere with an example.

MsPickle Sat 02-Mar-13 22:50:32

A line with your GCSEs is fine. All most employers want to really see is that you've English and Maths. Are the adult courses you're doing related to the jobs you're applying for? If they are you could reference them in your personal statement and then put the details in the education part. If you've not been working and the courses are part of your route back in then talk about them where you'd normally put your current job.

LillethTheCat Sat 02-Mar-13 11:50:35


LillethTheCat Fri 01-Mar-13 21:12:30

Firstly I have been doing some (and still doing) adult courses. Where do these go on my CV? Do I put them in the education part? Also should I put my GCSE's on there in detail or just mention them? I have A Levels and a degree, plus with my current courses my GCSE's are nothing exciting. I was just thinking a line saying X number of GCSEs including English and Maths at grade C and above.

Also my personal statement I believe is the most important thing in a CV so what do I put? Is anyone willing to help me please? Its difficult to not make it sound like a list.

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