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Flexible Working Request - Meeting tomorrow. please help!

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LotusPalm Wed 27-Feb-13 19:20:34

Hello All
Am in need of some quick advice

I have my flexible meeting request tomorrow. I amrreturning to work after my 2nd maternity leave and I worked 4 days a week prior to mat leave.

I am requesting a staggered return as I did last time I returned to work - 6 weeks on 3 days a week, then up to 4 days, but reducing my work week by one hour to 27 hours per week. My workload based on existing and future projects would handle this easily.

I heard yesterday that a member of my team has just left work, effective immediately due to stress. They have been off for about 6 weeks already. The other member of my team left in September and the replacement started in Jan.

So that's the history. What I want to know is:
Can my company refuse my flexible working request due to temporary staff shortage. My colleague will be replaced, but recruitment takes time. I suspect my boss is looking to change my project responsibilities as well, but only because this person has left.

What is the legal position?

Thanks in advance

LotusPalm Wed 27-Feb-13 19:33:39

Flexible working request meeting, obviously...

Is there even a legal position?!

bunjies Wed 27-Feb-13 19:44:56

From my own experience I would say that yes, they can refuse a change to your working hours on that basis but I think they have to honour any existing arrangements.

Metalgoddess Thu 28-Feb-13 10:36:52

Yes they can refuse your request to change/reduce hours or do a phased return if it's detrimental to the service/business etc. The only obligation they have to you is to consider your request and give a valid reason as to why its not been accepted.

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