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Lack of confidence

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jamesrojas Thu 07-Mar-13 11:01:12

Start searching new job that can make you happy.

chocolatemuffintop Sun 24-Feb-13 20:20:53

Wow! That's pretty awful. What type of work are you doing? What type of company is it? Is there an HR dept?

Of course, you would be able to get a new job. What makes you think you wouldn't and why do you think people wouldn't pay you?

Maybe jack this in and look for something else? It doesn't sound like this is going to help your help your self esteem.

NiceLongBubbleBath Sun 24-Feb-13 17:29:29

I went back to work part time but I'm being treated pretty badly as a result. I don't want to work full time and I just fine since having my DC I lack confidence. I can't imagine myself being able to ever get a new job. I don't know why people would pay me.

My current boss puts me down all the time and makes me feel worthless. He said last week there is no point employing me.

I don't really want to work at the moment but still give 100% and do far more than my allocated hours. I just feel at a low ebb. I just want to be a SAHM really.

Am I always going to feel like this? (My DC is 5 months old)

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