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Covering letter and CV - what goes in a covering letter

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TheChimpParadox Wed 20-Feb-13 12:49:04

A job is going to come up in an organisation I would love to work in - I have looked on their website and it appears that they take CV and covering letter for job applications - I would assume that it would be the same when this vacancy arises.

What exactly goes in a covering letter - how do you make your covering letter stand out from the rest.

OverlyYappy Wed 20-Feb-13 12:57:15

It depends what is for mine usually go along the lines of.

20 February 2012

my address

Dear Give me this job,

Re: Administrator

I write with regard to the above named position/vacancy as advertised on JobCentreplus [or where-ever] and would like to be considered for this postion/post/vacancy.

I have worked within xyz place for x years so feel I have the qualifications and/or experience for this, I attach my CV for your perusal and await the favour of your reply.

Yours sincerely,


This is 20 years old though, my beloved Grandad gave me it,it still seems to work though! Good luck

TheChimpParadox Wed 20-Feb-13 12:59:39

I have just been having a look online - they seem to be quite short and only a page - so its not an example of skills relevant to the job.

TheChimpParadox Wed 20-Feb-13 13:02:29

Thanks Yappy .

It's all bit daunting ..

OverlyYappy Wed 20-Feb-13 13:06:24

Yes one page long, try to you a Mr x if you have a name.

CV should be 2 pages long and no more than 10 years Work and Experience on it. On the CV there should be a statement (paragraph)which outlines why you would be suitable for this job.

one thing I always say and it seems to swing it (for me) is I like to be kept busy in my workplace at all times, then get the interview and tell them you expect to be kept busy and do not like having to pretend you are working, if approachable people have a joke about not wanting to be filing your nails all day.

You will be fine (it is daunting though)

HTH smile

mirry2 Wed 20-Feb-13 13:23:34

IMO a covering letter should be one page long and should state why you want the job and what you could bring to the organisation in terms of skills and experience.

so the letter should be written along these lines:

Dear Sir
I would like to be considered for your advertised position of .........
The reason I am attracted to the post is that it is a long held ambition of mine to work within this field. You can see from my Cv (enclosed) that I have recent/extensive/related experience and skills/transferable skills of ...... and so I believe I would be able to make a worthwhile contribution to your organisation.

Yours faithfully


ajandjjmum Wed 20-Feb-13 13:26:57

It should reiterate the skills that you have which are mentioned in the job description, and how you have shown you have these skills. ie. trustworthiness - I was the manager of a restaurant, and was responsible for cashing up every night for two years.

Also, it would be good to check the 'values' of the organisation you are applying to work for, as state how their values of x and y match your own.

TheChimpParadox Wed 20-Feb-13 14:59:17

lovely - thank you .

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