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I need your tips on managing a full time job, small DC and a house please!

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FlatsInDagenham Sun 10-Feb-13 13:18:42

I have a 4yo and a 1yo. I'm returning to work full time at the end of this month - DH already works full time. Currently I don't work and I do everything at home and for the children - and I still don't seem to have enough time (especially for housework). I'm sure DH hasn't quite realised that he's going to have to do more in the mornings and evenings and can't leave it all to me when I'm working.

So I'm looking for your coping strategies, please. General tips and also more specifically about the following:

Division of labour between you and your DH
Not letting the washing mound take over the house
Shopping and cooking
Getting out of the house in the mornings on time, with all necessary bags etc.

Thanks in advance.

GirlOutNumbered Mon 11-Feb-13 10:48:53

I've got homeroutines app. It helps me no end just having a focus of what to do.

curryeater Mon 11-Feb-13 10:54:08

There are two components to this question:

1. how can I do what I need to do as efficiently as possible
2. how can I get others to do as much as as possible and fair

I bet you are already an expert at number 1. Lots of good suggestions on this thread and all over mn already, if not. Maybe you still can find corners to cut that won't matter to you or your family - maybe they're all cut to the quick already - only you can decide.

So, number 2. breaks down into:

communicating what has to be done with your partner; making sure he does a decent amount of it; getting paid help; other (if "other" of any kind is available to you)

Involve your partner in planning.
If you are getting a cleaner or other paid helper remember to include the management of this in the overall division of labour.
Do not use the word "just" ever. Do not "just" bung a wash on, or "just" blitz the kitchen before leaving the house, etc, etc. Account for all the jobs because ALL the work is breakdownable into small bits that can be downgraded and shifted onto you with the word "just".

Good luck

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