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Will they contact me again?

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tazmo Wed 06-Feb-13 17:25:57

Going back to work after mat leave and had an in touch day today. Lots of changes at work due to new leadership and current boss moving on after 7 years. She's tried to be professional bit had a big rant about all the crap she's been dealt.

I was in touch with CEO from another company who said they had vacancies going. Sent a mail back basically saying where I was at (kind of worked with this guy in previous company) and looking for career advancement but that I was just back from mat leave. Had told himi was working 100% home based and he said this would be an option. Sent on my cv yesterday but haven't heard from him. Do you think I was too honest re advancement and return from mat leave thing? He's been fairly good at replying and even had his colleagues on my case - but now hear nada?

Relatively happy where I am to now but coworkers are not painting a pretty picture and the workforce has literally halved from 47 to 27 due to people not being happy so feel I need to cover my bases but worried was too honest with other company?

Snowydrift Wed 06-Feb-13 20:18:20

If he's the CEO, then I would have thought maybe expecting a call back today is a little hasty. Give him tomorrow and call on Friday morning would be my suggestion. Don't leave it until next week, but let him have a chance to see cv, talk to HR etc.

*Disclaimer, I have no experience with such things.

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