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questions about bookkeeping, advice please!

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NinjaChipmunk Wed 06-Feb-13 11:24:11

Right, so, I'm back to part time not very well paid work in April after having dc2. My old jobs and current job, whilst nothing to do with accounting (was a production manager for fashion company, now work within charity retail) have all involved invoicing, a bit of sage, banking reconcilliations, inputting sales orders etc. So I was thinking a bookkeeping qualification could be a really useful thing to get as then I can take on some freelance work which can be done from home and will pay better than my current part time job (my other plan is to get some training courses for other retail and finance related under my belt once I go back. I have no plans to give this job up and want something I can do alongside it). So I have been researching and have some questions. Hopefully someone can help!

ICB or IAB? Is one better/ more widely recognized/ better connected than the other or does it not matter?

Would I need to purchase both sage and Excel to make this work?

I've looked at Home Learning College courses and am waiting for their brochure to pop into my inbox, can anyone recommend anywhere else to look?

What level (ie 2 or 3 etc) is it worth getting qualified up to to work with small businesses? And I would I need a specific sage or excel course too?

Finally when I finally get this off the ground, how do you sort out tax on the money you make, is it by filing self assessment? I would be doing this alongside a part time paid position.

I hope someone out there can offer some advice!

NinjaChipmunk Wed 06-Feb-13 16:54:51

bump, anyone?

lljkk Mon 11-Feb-13 10:59:56

If you have worked with SAGE at all you have a lot of skill already. Ime, entry-level jobs proclaim that they want experience with SAGE, they rarely mention actual qualifications or courses as essential.

Excel seems easy to me, are you sure you don't have a lot of experience there already?
I am not familiar with ICB/IAB: however I have looked into AAT qualifications. They even have a handy quiz on their website to help you know which AAT qualification to start with (1, 2 or 3). They cost about £350-£400 for home-learning, I have heard SAGE courses cost considerably more.

Self-assessment tax system on HMRC is pretty easy to use, & straightforward, just have to keep your paperwork about logging in codes, income & expenses in order. Main other tricky bit is paying tax bills on time IF you owe tax. The allowance is so high now that most of us part-timers aren't going to exceed it, anyway.

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