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Portfolio career? Freelance plus volunteering...

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Salbertina Sun 03-Feb-13 13:57:45

Hi FM- just at initial stages but yes, interested in CAB-type work, advisor role maybe. Good to hear your friend enjoys it.

FreelanceMama Sun 03-Feb-13 13:14:21

It can fit, but it depends on what you end up doing. I really struggle sometimes when two client deadlines converge (even though they weren't meant to...delays on their part, or emergencies) and then I have to squeeze more work into a day than I have room for.

Did you have any specific questions in mind?

A friend of mine combined maths tutoring with being a CAB volunteer - she definitely finds the latter v fulfilling.

If you're new to being self-employed I recommend you hop on to the MN discussion board about that.

Salbertina Sun 03-Feb-13 06:28:04

Anyone else? Thinking its more interesting, fits round school hours etc etc
Wondering about doing CAB volunteering plus some freelance training

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