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Child friendly career in finance? Is that possible?

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littlecrystal Thu 31-Jan-13 15:07:14

I didn?t know where it was best to post, so posting here. I have been working in the same role for the last 10 years and been with my last employer for the last 6 years - fairly easy job, very defined hours (9-4:30), reliable pay, relatively short commute (40mins). My 2DC are still small, so it suits my needs at the moment, however there are no prospects for career, no further flexibility in working hours, working from home is not allowed, pay rise is unlikely.

I either stale in my safe and stable job for another 30 years, or look for another, more stimulating job, but this can be very risky as many people in finance sector (and probably everywhere else) end up with 40+ hours weeks, working overtime, long commute, hectic conditions.. which would not be my choice at the moment given my small DC.

Anyone is working in finance in a fairly child-friendly environment? What sort of job do you do? Do such jobs exist? Thanks very much if you have something to share with me!

Moknicker Tue 05-Feb-13 01:33:38

I did have a child friendly job in corporate finance - but only because i had worked at the company for 6 years beforehand and put in the hours. We've moved to the US with DH's job and Im struggling to find a p/t position - the only one on offer is full time and Im agonizing whether to take it or not.

I think you can do flexible jobs but only after spending some time there and making your mark. I assume you are not talking about accounting but pure finance - if you are an accountant there seem to be lots of flexible/contract bookeeping jobs around or even compliance ones.

How old are your DC? The market is also not great at the moment - lots of people looking for jobs so very competitive market. May make sense to just stay put for a couple of years till DC are older, market improves and then see what you can do.

No clear answers as always. Good luck!

rosiesmartypants Tue 05-Feb-13 02:04:47

What kind of work do you do littlecrystal?

I am a business analyst, working predominantly on regulatory finance projects. I however contract, which has very different expectations from permanent employment. Hardly any expectation of overtime (because if company's do want to work OT it costs them). More often than not I have been able to negotiate working from home at least one day a week (and very quickly after starting). Also, technically you are not an employee, therefore set your own working hours - I normally try to respectfully follow the hours of permanent employees, but this is by no means a given.

On the down side you have to sort your own pension, aside from some statutory benefits, you are not entitled to employer's sick pay, etc and company's can chose to get rid of you at the drop of a hat, and any days off you have, you are not earning.

I have to admit that I love contracting (even although it can be a bit of a roller coaster at times), the main reason being it affords me a fantastic work/ life balance.

Torres10 Tue 05-Feb-13 12:24:11

For what it's worth, unless you are willing to go contracting I think it is difficult. I moved jobs 6 months ago, great job, new business sector, at the time they appeared flexible, all having taken the leap, I am now struggling! Their version of flexibility differs from mine somewhat, and despite reminding them of what they agreed to, on a day to day basis I find it increasingly stressful! I think a lot depends on the company you are looking at, and more importantly the views of your immediate need to apply and judge them at interview, and then decide if its worth jumping for! I am now considering contracting as this does give you the control, though you bear the risk of not always being able to get work immediately, depending on where you are based.

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