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Info for becoming a student nurse.

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MissV25 Tue 29-Jan-13 11:52:32

Can anybody help? I'm a single mum with a 4 year old. I want to study to become a nurse. My main worry is the money. I currently work full time and receive no benefits, ie. housing benefit, tax credits etc. I wondered if I was to become a student does anybody know what I would be entitled to, especially with regards to rent. I have looked all over and it is very hard to get any info at all. If anybody has any info I'd be very grateful, thanks!

Notquiteinsane Tue 29-Jan-13 13:08:28

I qualified 5 years ago (before children) and if you did the diploma course you received an NHS bursary of around £400 a month. This may have changed in the meantime and i know they are looking into it becoming a degree only course, but either way you don't have to pay tuition fees.
Afraid I can't help with the benefit/childcare side of things.

MissV25 Tue 29-Jan-13 13:36:48

Hi, thanks for the info. Unfortunately that's as far as I've got anywhere when enquiring. Not sure where to go from here, maybe CAB would know? Although my local one is only open for a couple of hours a week so can't get there due to my job now. If anybody else knows anything please let me know.

MadameJosephine Wed 06-Feb-13 10:18:40

I've been qualified for 6 years now so things may have a changed but as a single parent I got quite a decent bursary and then tax credits topped it up. There's an online calculator here to help you work out how much you are entitled to;jsessionid=0D8B1AB20FCE09CE3D805CA6148F8ACE

You could then give the tax credits helpline a ring to see what they would give you 0345 300 3900

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