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Reducing hours at work. Advice on how to earn money to make up for reduced salary.

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bubblejacket Mon 21-Jan-13 22:44:06

I hope this is the right place to post but am really keen to get some ideas on how to earn some money working from home.

I have a FT job at the moment but with two small DC its just becoming impractical and exhausting especially with a long commute. It's not a job in which I can work from home so am planning to reduce my hours but really need to find something to make up the shortfall in income.

I'm willing to work hard and ideally would like to work for myself and maybe even turn it into something I can build on. I don't have any specific skills like bookkeeping or hairdressing and am in need of good ideas about what I could do.

If anyone has any solid suggestions or ideas please could you get in touch either on the board or PM me. Thanks!

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