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Depressed at going back to work after maternity leave

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Anomaly Mon 21-Jan-13 22:38:16

I think I need a bit of a mental slap because I'm so down at having to go back to work. I know I'm very lucky to have a job and its a job I do actually enjoy. But I love love love being at home. This is my third lot of maternity leave and we're absolutely definitely not having anymore and again I'm fine with that. I think in an ideal world I would like to be a SAHM but we just can't afford it.

I've another month off and I feel I'm going to spend it moping which is just daft. Can someone please tell me to get my arse into gear and count my blessings. Any tips at making the return that bit easier. I'm wondering if I'm a little bit scared at managing.

janey68 Tue 22-Jan-13 07:12:23

My advice is to just enjoy your final month, and also plan some nice things at weekends to look forward to after you've gone back.
Also, tell yourself you've done this twice before so although it seems tough right now, you'll be fine

I do understand that feeling with the last baby though. We only have two but I felt a little like you 2nd time. I think with the first baby, you tend to just feel so chuffed with yourself for getting yourself together and getting back to work and makiimg it all run smoothly. With the last one you maybe just feel the passing of time a bit more- but I guess you'd feel that even if you were a SAHM

You'll know all the benefits though of staying in the workplace- I am so glad I never gave up work as I see lots of mums struggling to get a Job after being out for a few years

Anomaly Tue 22-Jan-13 11:31:56

Thanks janey68. That's a good idea about planning some nice weekends, I'm going to get my diary sorted so the return to work date isn't the only one there.

While I've gone back twice before the last return I did was awful - work was a total mess and I went back and had to do so much to sort it. Management has changed since then so that absolutely will not happen this time so I need to focus on that.

I'm going to bite the bullet and go into work tomorrow. I can find out what is happening and start to get organised.

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