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Just about to go on maternity leave...

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ElliesWellies Mon 21-Jan-13 23:37:49

notcitrus - Haha, yes, I suffer from 'baby brain' too.

Thank you all very much.

notcitrus Sun 20-Jan-13 17:26:17

Give it a go - if nothing else it's a signal you still take your career seriously and are.still ambitious.

Though I've done a couple interviews while pregnant/just after mat leave and cocked them up, falling asleep in one assessment and getting feedback from an interview that said "just as well there was only one other candidate who wasn't very good, your CV was good and I knew you already, because no-one would have hired you on the basis of that!"
He had a point...

Linzi01 Sun 20-Jan-13 17:20:05

Definitely not! U shouldn't lose out on a promotion or better job due to your pregnancy/maternity! They're not allowed to reject your application for that reason! Good luck smile

Sam100 Sun 20-Jan-13 12:49:46

Someone in our department who was about to go on maternity leave applied for a position that came up and got it. She did it for 1 month before finishing and then role was covered by a temp until she is due back. So always possible.

ElliesWellies Sun 20-Jan-13 12:38:54

Thank you Linzi. I suppose I could always apply and see how far I get - doesn't hurt, does it?

Linzi01 Sat 19-Jan-13 19:20:45

All I know is you are not allowed to be discriminated against just because you are goin on maternity! I also believe if the position became available whilst u were on m/l you should be informed like every other member of staff! If they tell you they will not consider you as you are pregnant they are definitely being discriminative. You have a lot of rights and protection in employment law when you are expecting in respect to be treated equally! Contact ACAS they will tell u exactly!

ElliesWellies Sat 19-Jan-13 12:02:42

... and a position has come up with my company that I would really like to apply for. I wish it had come up this time next year, so I could apply and, if I got the job, switch on my return. But that's life.

Has anyone ever applied for anything like this in a similar position? What would happen if I did apply now? Or is that a big no-no?


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