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What IS statuatory maternity pay?

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Enid Wed 14-Jan-04 14:31:32

My sister is thinking of trying for a baby this year. I have had a look on the web and mumsnet but just can't seem to find the basic maternity pay details - what are you entitled to by law without your employers involvement? Isn't it something like full pay for three months? Anyway I'd be grateful if anyone can clarify.
x E

Blackduck Wed 14-Jan-04 14:36:43

Enid, Full pay for three months - god if only....
If you have worked for your employer for a set number of weeks (28?) you can get 6 weeks at 90% of salary. The remaining time its £100 a week.
Here's a link...,,35_163101,00.html

Tallgirl Wed 14-Jan-04 14:37:35

Someone sent me a link to the Maternity Alliance today which should help.


It is much better now than used to be but depends on the employer.

Think there is something wrong with this link so the website is -

JulieF Wed 14-Jan-04 20:21:53

What do you mean "without your employers involvment"? Do you mean the statutory mimimum without being topped up as unless you are self employed or changed jobs during pregnancy the pay is paid by your employer and they claim it back from the inland revenue.

To qualify for SMP you have to have been employed by the same employer for at least 26 weeks by the time you are 25 weeks pregnant. (in practice this means from the date of your last period).

You then get 90% of the average amount you earnt between when you were 17 and 25 weeks pregnant. You get this 90% for 6 weeks.

For the next 20 weeks you get £100. Any remaining leave you take (you can have 52 weeks in total) is unpaid.

If she were to change jobs during her pregnancy or start to earn on average less than £75 per week but more than £30 then she would be entitled only to Maternity Allowance.

Maternity Allowance is 90% of your average earnings for 26 weeks (but not more than £75)A different period of time is used to work out the 90% for Maternty Allowance.

Ailsa Wed 14-Jan-04 22:18:08

My employers (local govt)offer 6 weeks @ 90%, 12 weeks @ ½ pay plus SMP, 8 weeks SMP only.

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